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Helpful Tips for Effective Septic System Maintenance

The certified team at Rainbow Septic Service is your best bet when you need exceptional septic services at affordable prices. To ensure that your septic system works efficiently, it is vital that you follow our preventive maintenance tips.

This way, you wouldn't have to spend more money or your time on needless septic system repairs. Rest assured knowing that our trained personnel will take the time to assess and address any possible issues with your septic network.

The professionals in our family owned business have been serving your community for over 35 years. We GUARANTEE that you'll be satisfied once we're done with your septic service project. If you're not happy, we'll come back and get it done right!
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Check Out Our Septic Service Maintenance Tips

To start off, keep an accurate record of your septic system's exact location and the last inspection dates. It is important that you have your septic system inspected every year or a minimum of once in 3 years.

Get your septic system pumped and cleaned by licensed or certified personnel to ensure maximum working efficiency. Remember to not flush any harmful materials as they could clog your entire septic network.

Make sure that your septic network is covered on the ground by grass and not by trees or shrubs as the roots could cause substantial damage. If you're looking to unclog septic tank lines, avoid using caustic drain openers.

Using boiling water or a drain snake is the best way to unclog drains. Speak to our friendly septic service professionals for more preventive maintenance tips. Contact us if you need a trained team to inspect your septic system.
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